Methodology Workshops

People don’t learn languages in school through tedious grammar drills and book based teaching, people learn languages by finding meaning and motivation in the content served to them by engaged, creative, and dynamic teachers. People do not learn a second language, they are “grown” through meaningful and natural interaction with other people.

by Alexander Lyubavin
image by Alexander Lyubavin

CONEQT can give you a new and innovative approach to teaching. Wether you are interested in effective, communicative, and student centred language teaching approaches or you are interested in including entrepreneurship in your language lessons, CONEQT can bring you one step closer to becoming the best teacher you can be.

Based on research and real life experience in the world of teaching, CONEQT presents you with practical and down to earth approaches to effective teaching. Our views on learning are based on cognitive language acquisition ideas and thinking out of the box.

Task Based Learning – a workshop sample

Task Based Learning is based on a cognitive approach to language acquisition. It is based on placing the teacher in the role of motivator, advisor, helper, but never the learning dictator. As a teacher, it is important to maintain control of the situation, by creating a safe, but structured area, in which the learners can acquire the language through meaningful interactions with other people.

Krashen, Stephen D. Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition. Prentice-Hall International, 1987

A group of teachers participated in a CONEQT Task Based Learning workshop. They learned about the theories behind TBL and how to incorporate already existing materials into a Task Based lesson. Prior to the experimental phase, some of the teachers’ concerns were:

  • Will the students complain?
  • My students will expect to learn the way they are used to learn.
  • My students are paying to learn a language, they might complain if we don’t follow the text book.
  • They won’t be able to learn if we don’t start by teaching grammar.
  • They won’t know how to say things, if we haven’t taught them what to say first.
  • They might learn to use the wrong type of language.

The teachers then had a few weeks to experiment with their materials, and came back for a feedback session.

Results from CONEQT Task Based Learning workshops and feedback sessions. © CONEQT

In general there was an increase in student motivation and self confidence, and anxiety levels dropped. The connection between this, and the teachers’ renewed energy and motivation through the creative process of preparing the class is clear.

The teachers also discovered a new benefit; Prior to teaching with the Task Based Learning approach, the student talk time in the classroom, involving authentic and meaningful use of the second language, was an average of 13,3 minutes per 45 minute lesson. While using Task Based Learning, this was drastically increased to 35 minutes!

In general the teachers were very happy with this new approach, and found inspiration to expand their repertoire.