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A GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE – title given by the EC

LIFE SKILLS – Learning Innovation through Foreign Languages and Entrepreneurship, is an educational project financed by Erasmus +, aimed at promoting mobility of young people.

Project reference: 2014-1-FR01-KA200-008866


The skills are;

  • Learning Innovation through Foreign Languages and Entrepreneurship
  • Ability for an individual to develop his or her specific strengths
  • Open mindedness – thinking out of the box
  • The ability to break the norm
  • To achieve success in spite of social background
  • Self confidence and entrepreneurship



The project consortium consists of three European countries, and is based on collaboration between companies, institutions and schools.

The partners in the project are from Marie-Galante (France), Denmark and Portugal, led by the city of Grand-Bourg of Marie-Galante.






Start: 01-09-2014 – End: 31-08-2016


Products of LIFE SKILLS


The project is producing easily accessible online learning resources for a new way of learning through foreign languages. The focus of the material is based on a “learning by doing”, “learning through cultures” and “international cooperation” approach.


It intends to share knowledge and create positive experiences through this collaboration between schools, institutions and companies. The products will result in an online guidebook for educators, freely available for download on the project website.


The products will be available in English, French, Danish and Portuguese.


Workshops for educators will be provided for the widespread implementation of the methodology.



Results of LIFE SKILLS?


LIFE SKILLS anticipates providing youths with the necessary tools in order to become creators and managers of their own destiny.


The project will give us the tools to be able to start introducing the entrepreneurship approach into the curricula of the partner countries, creating a snowball effect.


The results of the project is systematically teach youths to think out of the box by thoroughly and transversally introducing innovation of education to all subjects throughout the teaching system, and enhancing the need for a greater focus on the importance of foreign languages.


The aim is to give youths the necessary tools to become independent and to find practical solution to real life problems; this in turn may have a positive effect on youth unemployment rates.


Why is LIFE SKILLS important?


A degree in itself is not enough to guarantee employment; the challenges of the modern world have created a need for a new mind-set and tools, such as the ones generated through the LIFE SKILLS project.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.