At risk of early school leaving?

How to break the pattern

Educators working with vulnerable youths can use the resources on this page. The pattern breaking approach is focused on research, which shows that all persons breaking a pattern have one thing in common:

… at some time in their lives there has been an important adult that the child/adolescent trusted and whose opinion mattered to them.


Improving teacher – student relationship plays a central role in creating an environment where improvement of student success rates become possible. It might, however, be difficult to reach everybody, particularly the pupils who far too often disturb the lessons due to their behaviour. Negative behaviour often places focus on the “disturbance” rather than the pupil. A consequence of this might be, that teachers become restrictive in their educational behaviour and begin to work on basis of behaviour regulation instead of the pupil himself/herself.

The advisor or student councillor – has the best possibility of establishing good relations with the children/adolescents that he or she interacts with. This can be done by:

• Seeing the child/adolescent instead of the pupil.

• Creating an environment based on confidence by listening – really listening.

• Taking time to show in words and action that you want what’s best for the young person simply by being present in the now.

Living up to these criteria can help to facilitate the breaking of the pattern.

Below you will see exemplary videos, illustrating how the approach can be used in reality.

Team building

Lead by example 1

Lead by example 2

Lead by example 3

Dare to dare 1

Dare to dare 2

The pattern breaker meeting

What changed for me?