Life Skills 4 Youths

For some youths, staying in school can be a difficult task. Especially when you are vulnerable and don’t have access to the resources that could help you.

The LIFE SKILLS project provides educators, youths and youth & social workers with resources that can provide access to positive problem solving strategies and develop self-efficacy.

The LIFE SKILLS resources cover topics such as:

Development of self-confidence and strengths via entrepreneurship learning

Open mindedness – thinking out of the box

The ability to break the norm

To achieve academical success irregardless of social background

The LIFE SKILLS resources were developed in collaboration with youths, some of whom have experienced the effects of being stigmatised by a negative social inheritance and low academical success rates. By focusing on development of pattern breaking strategies for personnel and educators working with at risk youths, our strategy involves creating the foundation, from which the individual is able to motivate themself to stay focused. The project tools provide youths with resources that can help them stay on track, learning in a way that has its focus around the learner, problem solving and innovation.

During the development of the project, groups of youths from Denmark, Portugal, and Guadeloupe (French West Indies) became a part of the LIFE SKILLS project team. Here they were trained to become project managers, getting the chance to collaborate across cultures, language barriers and find mutual inspiration from peers across Europe as they created their own projects for the future.

The resources provided can be used by individuals, youth groups/organisations, educators and others who have an interest in entrepreneurship learning.