• In the Loop – English for the Construction Industry

in the loop construction

  • In the Loop- English for Mechanics

in the loop mech

  • Fra sprog til handling – sprogindlæring til de praktisk begavede (from language to action – language learning for the practically gifted)

Cecilia Leboeuf-Hansen sprogtihand2 sprogtilhand5 sprogtilhand4

– Sproglæreren jan. 2015

  • Content development for Praxis Online Web books VET English– Forlaget Praxis, 2015
  • Content development for Praxis Online I-Praxis VET English

– Forlaget Praxis, 2015

  • Kultur i Perspektiv, (Culture in perspective) UCSYD 2013

A paper analysing the cultural challenges of students abroad on international work placements. Study and research findings based on G. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

Kultur i Perspektiv – at tage på praktikophold i Portugal 

Publications on

  • The PhyEmoC (Physical Emotional and Cultural) method manual, 2014

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