Collaboration and Partners

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CONEQT has authored the LIFE SKILLS project (Learning Innovation through Foreign languages and Entrepreneurship Skills) and will be coordinating the project, insuring the quality of the results.

The project intends to produce an innovative approach to addressing the needs for middle and high school education. In cooperation with Brejning Efterskole, Oesterbydskolen and Fonden for Entreprenørskab – Young Enterprise from Denmark, Akto Arts and Krafts from Portugal, the College de Grand Bourg, Caribsat and The Mayor of Grand Bourg from the French Caribbean Island of Marie Galante in Guadeloupe.

A collaboration between schools and SMEs, will produce innovative student centred and student generated training programs, in line with the amelioration of student success rates in education, especially with focus on students from multicultural areas of our societies, that are stigmatised by negative social inheritance and low academic success rates.

The implementation of these innovative practices will aim at taking place at local, regional, national and European levels.

The core idea of LIFE SKILLS, is to give teachers the tools to aid students acquire, through democratic processes and incorporated lesson plans, on the spot real life skills and experiences. The project also aims at  creating environments in the participants’  local communities where an array of activities, grounded in the idea of self help and organisation, will enhance and create an environment where best practice and ideas for start-ups are possible.


CONEQT and BRAGA MOBILITY have collaborated on creating links between Portugal and Denmark for mobility students.

The aim is to focus on the  EU measures to tackle youth unemployment, based on the memo from the European Commission, 8 November 2013 which summarises EU activities on youth unemployment, how mobility can benefit young people and how we can use the funding available in order to unleash the potential of mobility.


CONEQT co-authored the Erasmus+ strategic partnership for adult education LIVE2WORK. The project was approved in 2016, as one of only 7 approved projects out of 40+ applications.

Our main focus is on the development of the soft skills needed to fit in, in a European workforce of the 21st century and create tools for teachers, trainers and social workers, involved in preparing these groups to enter the job market.

The consortium consists of partners with different but necessary qualities, and have experience from different sectors. The strength; they complement each other, to a much higher degree, than if they were working alone. The different areas, experiences and cultural approaches to the same problems will make for a broader perspective on the solutions.

Consultant for A2B (AS3 Companies), main activities; development of work related and language skills for refugees and migrants.

EVS Trainer, Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education/Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse. Main activities; running training courses for volunteers in EVS projects.