Social Action

The mission is to create tools and resources that help and empower facilitators of social change. Educators, volunteers, mentors, councillors and other facilitators of social change can make use of the resources, which are free to use for all. 

In collaboration with fiery souls and creative educators from all around Europe, Coneqt designs and develops useful resources that can strengthen community resilience, wellbeing, and promote diversity and inclusion regardless of gender, race or social status.

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Where the Passion Grows

Social Justice should not be a topic to be studied by the few, but rather an integral part of what and how we teach.

Driven by deep a rooted need to promote wellbeing and sustainable lives for all, Coneqt aims to promote Social Justice in education. Inspired by the idea that healthy societies depend on the equal distribution of benefits and burdens, Coneqt is working towards education that is fair by providing, protecting and recognising the resources and qualities that individuals need to determine a conception of, and the ability to live, a good and meaningful life.

As the spearhead of political and ecological movements are setting out to find new ways of cohabiting the earth, Cecilia Leboeuf, the founder of Coneqt, takes a positive anticipating view on globalisation, by searching for new opportunities for connectivity, communication and collaboration through the stimulating art of learning.

Aligning Educational Content to Societal Needs

Sustainable development is more than saving oceans and green energy, and it doesn’t only have to be about making big immediate changes.

Far too extreme or unrealistic ideologies may lead to failure due to resistance to change. With this in mind, incorporating an intelligent and reasonable approach to sustainability, is the essence of what we want to achieve.